Administrative Order 2020-07, In Re: Order of Temporary Closure to the Public Due to COVID-19

  1. In recognition of the steady increase of COVID-19 cases within the State of Oklahoma and within the boundaries of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, and in an effort to encourage social distancing and to limit the unnecessary risk of exposure to the coronavirus, the Mound Building and its lobbies continue to remain closed to the public, prohibiting physical access to the office of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Supreme Court. Please note that, at this time, Supreme Court staff will remain in the office during regular business hours to provide services to our citizens and the community and may be reached by telephone to discuss filing procedures, emergency procedures, and all other Supreme Court or MCN Bar Association matters at 918-7581439, or by email at the following addresses:
    1. Connie Dearman, Court Clerk –,
    2. Laura Marks, Deputy Court Clerk –,
    3. Joshua Atwood, Staff Attorney –
  2. This Administrative Order is subject to revision as may be required. Any future Order will be posted to the Supreme Court’s website at